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  most of the time, penis shrinkage is related to age, medication, or lifestyle habits, such as smoking or weight gain, and rarely requires treatment. Like other parts of your body, your penis is at the mercy of time as you age. The penis you know now will not be the penis you will know 10 or 20 years from now. The length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for various reasons. Sometimes the testes fail to produce enough testosterone and this can lead to some degree of genital shrinkage. However, if your penis is smaller due to ageing andor weight gain, several things can improve its size! This article will tell you much more about penile shrinkage with age. A healthy diet is key to overall health and sexual health is no exception.   even though your penis will shrink to around 20-30 percent its adult size, you can still prevent the shrinkage. The alarming rate mostly starts around mid 30s and in most cases the penis will shrink down to 60-70 percent of its total size.   another cause of a shrinking penis is the accumulation of scar tissue around the erection chambers of the penis. These chambers fill with blood during an erection, but with formation of scar tissue, the chambers cant expand as well, resulting in a smaller erection. Coupled with reduced blood flow, erections are inevitably smaller in older men. When we age, our penis will shrink to 20-30 percent its adult size. It shrinks at an alarming rate, and it usually begins around the mid-30s. In some cases, it can shrink down to 60-70 percent of total size which can also cause a state of constant flaccidity in the genitals.   first things first size is not the prime indicator of an attractive penis. Penises change over time, and penis shrinkage is real erections naturally get smaller and less firm as one ages, urologists confirm. While theres nothing men can do to stop the penis from shrinking altogether, theres a hell of a lot they can do to make penis shrinkage worse.   the reason your penis shrinks when your testosterone levels drop is pretty simple testosterone (and other sex hormones) are key to restoring your penis. Without regular restoration, your penis muscles start to atrophy (source). A second consequence of lower testosterone as you get older is that your penis is less sensitive.

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